Nov 28, 2009


I make the same face too when my hubby licking my ears. heeheeee~

Nov 9, 2009


Perlu ke?? But i need it

5 Days to go!!

Nov 8, 2009


After the wedding we’ll be off to the beach for a week on Feb. We are definitely looking forward to getting away so we can relax and enjoy each other as husband and wife!

Nov 7, 2009

The best thing about me is you. - Raihana

Can’t wait to see you all on our big day! Thank you to all of our friends
and family for your support over the years. We are so grateful to have
everyone in our lives.

raihana + fairus

Nov 6, 2009

Today MC!!!

Bangun pagi td dah rasa sakit2 kat pinggang n perut n...
Seb bek by yg kejutkan. Coz dia xleh tdo mlm td.
Bgn je, gagah kan diri g mandi n solat.
OTW g office, gayut dgn by.. As normal, bincang pasal kawen.
Sampai d office, diam xbcakap dgn sape pun.
Then kul9 g clicic utk minx ubt tahan sakit. but doc tue xnak bg...
Just kasi aku ubt kurangkan bengkak je.
Call my mom nak g injection, my mom tgu kat clinic Bangi.
AFter dapat injection, doc kasi MC.
Yang xtahan tue all my staff prihatin sgt.. Sibuk suh aku berehat.
Ke dorang pura2 je xnak aku ade kat office sbb aku slalu dtg mjenguk ape yg dorg buat.. huhuhu... Tgk la esok, aku tetap akan datang keje.


I'm using this application in my FB. 8 days to change my status!!

Nov 4, 2009

10 Day To Go..