Jan 23, 2007

very nice one

TRUST is a very important factor for all relationships. When trust is broken, it is the end of the relationship. Lack of trust leads to suspicion, suspicion generates anger, anger causes enmity and enmity may result in separation.

A telephone operator told me that one day she received a phone call. She answered, "Public Utilities Board." There was silence. She repeated, "PUB." There was still no answer. When she was going to cut off the line, she Heard a lady's voice, "Oh, so this is PUB.Sorry, I got the number from my Husband's pocket but I do not know whose
number it is."

Without mutual trust, just imagine what will happen to the couple if the telephone operator answered with just "hello" instead of "PUB".

Jan 22, 2007


Today, bangun pagi awal giler kul 3am... coz nak antar my dad ke airport...
ngantuk tak taw nak cakap macam mana.. but on the way ke airport i'm sleeping.. hahahaha! back from airport terus aku ke class.... class tis morning until 9am. habis awal... hehehe!

Satay Kajang =)

Satay Kajang Hj Samuri...dah lama tak makan... YUMMY!

Seri Wawasan Bridge, Putrajaya, Malaysia

I'd like to shot some photos from this bridge as well :)A lovely view, perfect colord, nice long exposure and great subject.
Some parts seems to be overexposed now, but the compo + colours are incredible. Who is the architect???

Eye On Malaysia

hurmmm.... ini lah Eye On Malaysia yg di war-warkan untuk promosi Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007. Teringin nak g... Tapi penuh ma.... tak larat nak tunggu turn... hehe... Ticket Price RM15 per person (adult)... Jom G!

Things that make life happy...

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1. ...standing at the edge of a forest with the leaves of the trees beckoning you in like welcoming hands
2. ...to explore the wonders of nature
3. ...a hug from a loved one
4. ...the smell of clean sheets
5. ...a warm smile from a stranger
6. ...singing (go figure!)
7. ...the taste of a fresh strawberry
8. ...Clean Fun on AOL
9. ...Knowing where your teenagers are when you lay down to sleep at night.
10. ...the sound of a child's laughter
11. ...the dew on the fields in early morning
12. ...feeling the presence of my Angel's around me, to protect me
13. ...The smile you get in return when smiling at someone
14. ...A hug, being able to be there for a friend or stranger in their time of need....
15. .... a hug from someone you love
16. ...a child's smile
17. ...birds singing
18. ...waves lapping on the shore
19. ... a puppy wagging it's tail
20. ...daffodils in the Spring
21. ... a card from an old friend who you haven't had contact with for years, just as if it was yesterday
22. ...ducks landing on a pond
23. ...the look of a child , when surprised
24. ...your dentist tells you , no cavities
26. ...Waking up in the morning with thoughts of that special man in my life.
27. ...Listening to my granddaughter Aimee singing You are my Sunshine to me.
28. ...Hearing my son say to me " Mom I love you alot.
29. ...Hearing Aimee say."Gamma, I love you truly,
30. ...Seeing my Jim and being able to look into his eyes and hear him say he loves me, and feeling his gentle tough .
31. ...the cuddle and giggle of a child
32. ...the embrace of a man that truly loves you
33. ...the warmth you feel when you have been able to help someone with a problem
34. ...my childrens' faces
35. ...summer sunsets
36. ...crashing waves
37. ...knowing that I finally found my one true love (even if I can't be with him)
38. ...a cool breeze on a balmy night
39. ...the sound of a slot machine hitting the jackpot
40. ...health (of course)
41. ...a happy story in the paper amidst all the bad ones
42. ...aol
43. ...poetry
44. ...a good book
45. ...a warm summer day
46. ...the smell of spring
47. ...the smell of the ocean
48. ...sleeping in
49. ...the smile from a baby
50. ...a hug
51. ...hearing my husband say "Lets go out for dinner!"
52. ...finally finishing a project that was a Mother's Day gift for my mother two years ago
53. ...finding out the phone wasn't for me
54. ...turning on the TV and discovering that I just missed a Presidential speech
55. ...that perfectly straight 300 yard drive!!!!!
56. ...Or a 175 yard hole in one!!! :)
57. ...line-dried sheets
58. ...Springsteen's unplugged version of Thunder Road
59. ...peeling an orange
60. ...flannel
61. ...the way a room sounds in the morning when it's snowed overnight (even before you turn on the light or raise the blinds)
62. ...an Irish brogue
63. ...daffodils
64. ...a good walking stick
65. ...writing w/ a fountain pen on thick, vellum paper
66. ...having my husband brush my hair
67. ...an unexpected breeze on a summer day
68. ...cafe latte
69. ...trolley swaying
70. ...hats
71. ...silk robe with fringe
72. ...dew
73. ...screen doors
74. ...pink sweet peas
75. ...smell of sage coming from the oven on Thanksgiving
76. ...high heels
77. ...Every student passing my math test!!
78. ...When things work out RIGHT for a change.
79. ...The smell of fresh cut grass
80. ...a random act of kindness
81. ... getting flowers unexpectadly from that special someone
82. ...Having an attached garage. . . and it's raining.
83. ...Knowing your friends really care about you
84. ...Getting your name inside an AOL "hug" {{{{{{{{{NAME}}}}}}}}
85. ...Watching "Touched by an Angel" and being touched by the ending
86. ...Having your wife return to you
87. ...Having your first child
88. ...Finally realizing that big boys DO cry and it's OK
89. ...The soft breathing of your wife while asleep in your arms
90. ...your sister's last day on chemo
91. ...a warm towel out of a shower
92. ...receiving a rose "just because"
93. ...playing in a summer shower
94. ...wading in the surf on a moonlite night
95. ...seeing a bird drink at your birdbath on a hot summer day
96. ...your husband giving you the remote
97. ...seeing a program on tv that's not a re-run
98. ...a quilt, a cup of hot chocolate, your hubby and a swing on your front porch
99. ...a sunset at the beach
100. ...no spam in your e-mail
101. ...an unexpected visit fr/your sons (they just drove 400 miles to see you smile)
102. ...a warm fire, when you come in from working in the rain in winter
103. Giving oneself and receiving from a best friend
104. ...while out shopping, you find you have one more check
105. ...telephone answering machines when you're having supper
106. ...you remember you DID unplug the iron - 100 miles into your vacation
107. ...as it really begins to rain, you spy your umbrella in the back seat, as you park the car for that oh so important business meeting
108. ...you have enough gas to make it to the gas station
109. ...and unexpected "thank you"
110. ...realizing that even though you're a senior in college and absolutely broke you can still have fun with the big hill you climb every day to get to class....an old slip -n- slide a lot of rain and 4 of your best friends :)
111. ...my mother kissing me on my forehead
112. ...hearing an "I love you" from someone who has never said it before
113. ...watching babies sleep
114. ...people that make you smile just by being near you
115. ...Daddy's with their little girls on their shoulders
116. ...affectionate families
117. ...people that look out for one another
118. ...watching the sunset with the one you love
119. ...walking in my garden in early morning
120. ...my grand-daughter asleep on my lap
121. ...my son graduating from high school (I never did)
122. ...my grown daughter telling me she loves me everyday
123. ...my son's friends thinking that he has the best Mom
124. ...a kiss blown from across the room from my grand-children
125. ...being 51 yrs. old and finally finding peace with my life
126. ...memories of the smell of my Mom's cooking
127. ...my 17 yr old son not being afraid to hug me in public
128. ...being blessed with good friends
129. ...when my husband says "I filled up your van with gasoline"
130. ...Root beer floats
131. ...Finding a hummingbird nest
132. ...Licking the bowl when making chocolate chip cookies
133. ...Fireworks
134. ...Flowers blooming in my garden that I planted myself.
135. ...Butterflies and hummingbirds.
136. ...Running horses.
137. ...Cuddling with my cat.
138. ...Finally deciding that being "just me" is good enough for anyone. And I only have to please that lady who looks back at me in the mirror each day. The rest of friends, lovers, relatives are frosting on a very wonderful cake called life.
139. ...My grandaughter..she makes my life complete!
140. ...My teenager daughter still liking me to brush her hair and get all the tangles out for here.
141. ...Hearing my dad say "I'm proud of you" and knowing that he means it
142. ...Having a husband that trusts me.
143. ...Hearing job weel done
144. ...knowing you 30 yr old child has fianlly grown up
145. ...Having your Grandson hug you for no reason
146. ...having your grandson let you hug him for no reason
147. ...Spending time with your closest friends, that you don't get to see very often.
148. ...Having your 17 yr. old son STILL confiding in you!
149. ...When your 17 yr. old wishes to spend time with his mom, rather than go out with his friends.
150. ...Having your mom as a BEST friend!
151. ...Having your son as a best friend!
152. ..When your 17 yr. old son calls you from another state just so you can hear a song on the radio that reminded him of you! (Boys II Men's "Mamma")
153. ...Knowing that God loves me and Jesus died on the cross and because of that one day I will live in eternity where life will be perfect.
154. ...laying on the couch with my 3 girls and snuggling and them saying "mommy, you are a good mom."
155. ...Hearing your young child laugh in another room when you know they are alone.
156. ...The smell of fresh cut grass
157. ...Snow lightly falling on Christmas eve
158. ...curling up with a good book in front of the fireplace
159. ...to be lucky enough to have people who know you so well they are able to make you laugh even when you're crying
160. ...finally knowing what being loved by a partner feels like
161. ...hearing your kids say "mommy....i love you" just because
162. ...a flock of birds in perfect formation
163. ...receiving a "NO Audit this year" notice from the IRS
164. ...being in love
165. ...being able to help others
166. ...watching the whales play at sunset
167. ...lists of things that make life happy
168. ...filling a wagon with water and floating dandelions all across the top for my mother on mothers day...(with my brother when we were children)
169. ...a prayer or song from my grandchildren with the innocent love that they possess.
170. ...snuggling under a homemade quilt
171. ...twinkling stars
172. ...bonfires
173. ...Coming back home after being away at college for four long years and realizing there is nothing as great as a family that not only loves each other....but LIKES each other
174. ...having my 14 yr old daughter say "thank you for letting my friends come over mom"
175. ...Having a husband that I can TRUST in EVERY aspect of our lives TOGETHER !!!!
176. ...Being in the Eastern Sierra: the booming wind, the smell of sage and chamisa, the bright sun in an empty deep blue sky, and the snowfields on gray granite.
177. ...Living in a place where all roads lead to neighbors.
178. ...a full moon, a perfect crescent moon, riding a Harley on a summer night, puppy breath, a baby's kiss
179. ...having your husband as a BEST FRIEND.
180. ...Knowing Jesus realy does exist and that Jesus really does love me!!
181. ...Online friends who keep writing after many years
182. ...knowing that your bills are caught up for the month.
183. ...Acting your shoe size!
184. ......Toasting marshmallows on an open "Magic Fire", while listening to the sounds of nature
185. ...Seeing your children smile and knowing that they really do love you even when life is travelling down the rough road for us!
186. ...Waking up in the morning, and hurry out of bed only to realize it's saturday and you don't have to be at work.
187. ...Having either one of your Parents, depend on you every day to help them, instead of Vice Versa.
188. ...Nicole
189. ...the sight of my beautiful wife
190. Remembering those scented lollipop ink pens and Flatsy dolls from my childhood and then coming upon them in a specialty store.
191. ...playing with my cat simon-from Kelsey
192. ...just watching my kids play
193. ...Hearing my 9 month old son giggle and laugh from another room as dad tickles him profusely.
194. ...lists like this that can make even the worst mood good again.
195. ...Just to see a smile on the face of my mother
196. ...My kitten in a shoebox
197. ...raking fall leaves
198. ...Memories of a road trip to the coast with your best friend that is also your girlfriend that you love.
199. ...being with your family.
200. ...being on holiday with your�family and all feeling happy at the same time.
201. ...nursing a sick animal back to health.
202. ...an unexpected gift for no reason.
203. ...Having sight to read this list.
204. ...Knowing that the one your supposed to spend the rest of your life with is out there somewhere!
205. ...chocolate and sweeties and little babies who smile at you and knowing you are happy
206. ...a drive in the country
207. ...first robin in the spring
208. ...Holding hands with someone you care about.
209. ...Swinging on swings.
210. ...Your first kiss.
211. ...Clothes that fit perfectly.
212. ...people that are always real .
213. ...someone to like you for who you are
214. ...Walking on a deserted beach.
215. ...Eating dinner in your pajamas.
216. ...Finding lip balm in your coat pocket.
217. ...your children in the house when you come home from work.
218. ...that you have a job to go to every day even if you hate to go.
219. ...the ability to think clearly.
220. ...Keeping a comfortable home.
221. ...A gentle touch.
222. ...100% pure honey.
223. ...Homemade cookies.
224. ...that you have one good friend that you can trust in .
225. ...Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
226. ...sleeping in late on the weekend
227. ...Sunday brunch with some old friends
228. ...Cable TV.
229. ...having the day off with pay.
230. ...smelling bacon or coffee in the morning.
231. ...knowing that you have a good friend and his name is Jesus
232. ...making the last payment on your house note.
233. ...Lighting a candle.
234. ...Eating a soft pretzel.
235. ...remembering your children's first steps and their first word
236. ...Reading a new book.
237. ...Ice cream.
238. ...Reading the whole newspaper.
239. ...Going to someone's wedding .
240. ...Getting baptized
241. ...Seeing your children get a better job than you
242. ...Getting a raise in pay
243. ...Paying your bills on time and keeping your credit good.
244. ...No alarm clock ringing.
245. ...Someone giving you a hug when you come home from a long day of work
246. ...losing 30 pounds
247. ...Judging a little less and forgiving a little more.
248. ...learning to scuba dive.
249. ...going on a cruise
250. ...Being myself .
251. ...managing my time better .
252. ...giving blood to someone who need it.
253. ...passing your driving test on the first try.
254. ...starting my own business.
255. ...saving more money .
256. ...hosting a dinner party .
257. ...being calm facing the problems in life.
258. ...having a child and learning to be a good parent to the child .
259. ...waking up with a smile and going the sleep with that same smile .
260. ...buying a house
261. ...taking vitamins on a regular basis .
262. ...eating healthier - no more fast food .
263. ...making Saturday my free day for my self .
264. ...taking a trip around the world .
265. ...staying smoke free.
266. ...the confidence that I'm going to heaven when it's my time to go.
267. ...finishing my degree.
268. ...getting rich.
269. ...running a marathon .
270. ...when blood pressure is a normal rate.
271. ...going bike riding with friends.
272. ...learning to cook healthy vegetarian dishes.
273. ...paying off my student loans.
274. ...to stop living from paycheck to paycheck.
275. ...to win the lottery.
276. ...to learn sign language
277. ...to learn a new word every day.
278. ...to read 30 book in 2005
279. ...to spend more time with the family.
280. ...to learn how program things on the computer
281. ...to take vacation to Hawaii.
282. ...to visit my parent more often and spend time with them.
283. ...Laughing so much your face hurts
284. ...to see a beautiful girl with a flower in here right ear
285. ...When military people get to come home safely to their family.
286. ...When my husband gets off the boat to come home.
287. ...For all my children to be happy and not argue.
288. ...The smells off the back bay in Galveston, with its decay/rot/renewal of life, in an endless cycle
289. ...Eating Ice cream right out of the Carton!!!!!
290. ...when you think you are worth nothing, someone thanks you for being there in their life and tells you that you mean the world to them.
291. ...when you are so sick of life and what is going on then someone special comes along and turns your grey sky to blue again!
292. ...doing something you know you'll never forget
293. ...The smell of a baby
294. ...Rocking a child
295. ...The smile on my husbands face when he comes home
296. ...A back rub
297. ...A foot rub
298. ...A family party
299. ...To be loved back
300. ...knowing someone really loves you!
301. ...blue skys
302. ...completing a project
303. ...getting out of bed early and feeling awake
304. ...chocolate
305. ...My husbands hands
306. ...Having a friend who you know will stick by you whatever happens, and knowing that you'd do exactly the same for them
307. ...feeling loved
308. ...hugging my huge tree in the garden and let it know we can share energy!!
309. ...making someone else happy
310. ...when someone says "you've made my day!"
311. ...playing with children
312. ...marrying the person you love and do not marry anybody under compulsion.
313. ...Having a good cry, letting everything out until you feel only human again!
314. ...When you solve a problem
315. ...When you open your eyes and know everything is okay
316. ...When your friends call and say they miss you
317. ...When you sleep and nothing is on your mind
318. ...when you drink a cold glass of water on a hot day
319. ...Looking forward for a new day
320. ...keeping in contact with loved ones and friends
321. ...sleeping late on a day off from work
322. ...helping others
323. ...a water ice and mustard pretzel on a summer day .
324. ...being there for someone
325. ...being in love again with your mate like it's the first time
326. ...trying to live and learn
327. ...Getting that first smile from your new baby grandchild
328. ...knowing that the gal you love, loves you as much as you do !
329. ...When my cat comes and snuggles with me in the middle of the nite.
330. ...Planting a kiss on the puffy, warm cheeks of my children, as they drift off to sleep
331. ...Smelling the fresh, crisp air on my husband as he comes in from the outdoors
332. ...Having long talks with my mom, while in our nightgowns,during the wee hours of the morning
333. ...Relaxing in your private hot tub watching candles flickering in the background
334. ...realizing that you can do, be, or have anything you want
335. ... receiving a hug that is so warm and comfortable, you mould into the person and spend almost forever enjoying the company and scent.

Jan 21, 2007

going to putrajaya

I was in Putrajaya for a meet with the officials to the Minister of Youth and Sports for err..some official reasons. The outcome of the meeting? Okay-lah would be an ok answer. :D

Thought of going to Alamanda for my favourite lasagna lunch but takkan wana drive to Alamanda just to get lasagna & then scoot off because you have cyber law lecture at 2pm? Ntah2, that lasagna place tu pun dah tutup. So not worth it. So instead I had lunch with my favourite tesco chips. Tu je. Sad? Yes. Thank You. hahaha..

Jan 12, 2007

Bizarre Love Triangle Lyrics

Every time I think of you

I get a shot right through

Into a bolt of blue

It's no problem of mine

But it's a problem I find

Living the life that I can't leave behind

There's no sense in telling me

The wisdom of a fool won't set you free

But that's the way that it goes

And it's what nobody knows

And every day my confusion grows

Every time I see you falling

I get down on my knees and pray

I'm waiting for the final moment

You say the words that I can't say

I feel fine and I feel good

I feel like I never should

Whenever I get this way

I just don't know what to say

Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday

I'm not sure what this could mean

I don't think you're what you seem

I do admit to myself

That if I hurt someone else

Then I'll never see just what we're meant to be

Every time I see you falling

I get down on my knees and pray

I'm waiting for the final moment

You'll say the words that I can't say

Every time I see you falling

I'll get down on my knees and pray

I'm waiting for the final moment

You'll say the words that I can't say