Jun 24, 2009


Wahh!! Lama nye dah xupdate blog nih. Banyak benda yang terjadi. huhuhu...

1. G Langkawi almost 1 week. Siap tido umah Lina @Kuala Kedah.

2. Hubby frens wedding @ Muar.

3. Balik kg - mkn durian n g jonker walk.

4. Settle my convo

5. G Dian's Akad Nikah

6. Dian's Reception.

7. Beli bungan untuk pelamin with my mum.

8. Go to wedding exhibition @ Ampang Point with mak n abah.

Hurmm.... banyak kan aktiviti selama xupdate nih. ni pun igt secara random jer. Maybe ada yg xtersenarai.

Last nite g mkn2 at singgah selalu depan Danga Bay untuk Celeb Bday aku yg ke-25. Last year untuk jadi anak dara. Tahun depan dah jadi bini org. So nak jugak kuar makan. Tekak teringin makan western. huhuhu.... Ajak Lina join sekali. Best jugak western kat Singgah Selalu tue.

Jun 1, 2009

Scorpio Bride Style

wedding checklist

i was teruja reading Melania Knauss planning her $80 million wedding without any wedding planner. sounds so motivating for me at first place who's wedding not even reaching hundred thousand ringgits pun heheh ..so today, i decided to pin up my checklist by sidebar & update accordingly. i should prepare in timeline basis too, easier to refer on what to do/buy in coming month - will keep in excel sheet je :P

1. nikah, sanding & bertandang date
- confirmed

2. kursus kahwin
- ready

3. venue
- nikah & sanding : mpkj (deposit by 8th june)
- bertandang : verbal

4. catering & canopy
- kajang : already booked. price guideline ready, not all.
- bertandang : org kampong will gotong royong

5. pelamin & decor
- kajang : all family decided. paei will deco the stage.
- bertandang : hubby family will confirmed

6. photographer
- nikah & reception : not confirm yet.
- bertandang : hubby cousin.

7. videographer
- (slow moving ..)

8. wedding outfit
- kain sudah beli
- nikah & sanding : dressmaker already make it
- bertandang : confirmed.

9. favors
- nikah : material by indonesia & DIY
- sanding : pending parents approval, esp for VIP
- bertandang : shortlisting 2 vendors.

10. bunga pahar
- both sides tempah by april

11. hantaran
- for him : 5/9
- for her : 7/11 completed
- decorator : him tentative. mine still in idea (mak plz help yer)

12. rings
- ready

13. invitation card
- ordering by feb
- sending out june

14. cake
- finalizing ideas
- hantaran : tentative.
- sanding : ibu to help
- bertandang : not started.

15. tok kadi etc
- abah to help

16. handbouquet
- nikah & sanding : mums will do
- bertandang : to request from mrs dressmaker, if she's baik hati enough!

17. guest list
- bertandang list by dads, reception layout by already done

18. ceremony, entertainment & kompang
- kajang : gamelan and kompang. abah to help out. uncle will become emcee tat day
- bertandang : baca doa tentative
- cd of favourite songs : little bro to help
- slideshow for bertandang : not started.

19. pengapit
- sanding : lina & afzan? (dress not confirm either rerady or not)
- bertandang : hubby little sis & afzan

- bff dresses for bertandang : ongoing ...

20. dresses for family
- kajang : alreay done by Dzull Kajang
- bertandang : fiance's mom working on it

21. wedding heels
- nikah & sanding : already buy
- bertandang : negotiate

22. event itinerary
- final by dec with roles, sharing with vendors by early jan (makeup arrival etc)
- bertandang rehearsal : (to check with hall admin)

23. honeymoon plan
- destination tentative
- planned to Cameron Highlands (tinggal date je)

the list shall be improvised when necessary, but for now, that's all.

afterall, Melania Knauss just not comparable for firstly, she's not working 8-5 as most of us do. and next, becoming mrs Trump, you know she can definitely afford any best vendors in town - hiring super talented Preston Bailey would really relieve alot of her headache, right. unlike us, we need to endlessly lookout for vendor who meet our budget frame & silently agreed to certain degree of her/his reliability ;) hehe.


Hari nie plan jahit manik kat baju mak. Excited! 1st time n. tgu dan lihat hasil nye k